Introducing The Perch


What Is The Perch For?

·      Teaching Rear End Awareness

·      Coordination

·      Balance

·      Agility

·      Obedience

·      Heeling Exercises

·      Recall

·      Front Positions

Introducing The Perch

·      Help your dog place its front feet onto the perch by shaping or luring your dog with a treat.

·      Holding their head high with a treat will help to pull the dog up onto the perch.

·      If needed lift one paw onto the perch and draw treat upwards to encourage the lifting of the other paw onto the perch. "Yes" and reward immediately.

·      Be sure to reward your dog often for this exercise to increase drive and value for the perch.

·      We recommend delivering several small treats for maintaining on the perch - be sure to deliver 1 treat at a time not as a handful.

·      Be sure to work from multiple angles of approach to ensure your dog learns to collect their balance while keeping their drive for the perch.

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