Kayenna Training Academy is proud to present our Puppy Pre-School program! Come set your puppy up for a lifetime of success with one of our exclusive puppy programs. These programs are designed to help owners understand how puppies learn and interact with us. Puppies are very receptive at a young age and at Kayenna Academy, we love dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and temperaments. Your puppy will become self-assured and well-behaved so you can take him/her anywhere with confidence.

This brand-new program is specifically designed for puppies between 2 and 5 months of age. During classes, we will be concentrating on building a solid foundation through obedience, confidence, and coordination. Each week will incorporate training material and games, focusing on a mixture of beginner obedience skills, handling skills, crate games, bite inhibition and impulse control. 

As a part of Kayenna Academy's commitment to helping you train your puppy to be the best they can be, we are including full access to our exclusive online training program which entails, videos, PDF's and E-Books. 

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